Cao Bang

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Cao Bang Tour Local style

–  Way 1 : Ticket a local bus in Luong Yen station or My Dinh station. This’s a Nhaxe 42 bus in Luong Yen station  (from Cao Bang to Hanoi, Luong Yen: 8.00 pm – Price : 200,000 VND/ 1 ticket; from Hanoi to Cao Bang: 9.00 pm- Price : 200,000 VND/ 1 ticket. This’s Thanh Ly bus in My Dinh station(from Cao Bang to Hanoi, My Dinh : 9 pm – Price: 200,000 VND/ 1 ticket; from Hanoi to Cao Bang : 9 pm – Price : 200,000 VND).

– Thanh Loan hotel (300,000 VND) or Huong Thom hotel (200,000 VND) or Bang Giang hotel (200,000 VND) or Nguyet Nga hotel (140,000 VND)

– Waterfall Cao Bang : Take a scenic day trip north of Cao Bang to the beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall on the Chinese border for a picnic lunch. This picturesque, cascading waterfall is 53 meters high and has an impressive span of 300 meters. The unique landscape includes limestone karst formations soaring from the verdant rice paddies of Tay, H’Mong and Dzao ethnic minority groups. On the way back to Cao Bang, explore the expansive 2,144 meter Nguom Ngao Cavern to discover its brilliant stalactites. Overnight in the hotel in Cao Bang.

– Ba Be National Park : Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam’s only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is well known for over 330 species of butterflies! Have breakfast with your Tay hosts before exploring the lake with lush forest clinging to the surrounding mountains. Reach the end of the lake and trek to Dau Dang Waterfall before heading north through the mountains to the city of Cao Bang. Overnight in a hotel.

– Pac Po Cao Bang : Coc Bo Grotto is about 30 square metres dotted with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. President Ho Chi Minh made a statue of Karl Marx out of one of the stalagmites, and named the spring running in front of the grotto entrance after Lenin and the highest mountain peak after Karl Marx again. In this grotto, President Ho presided over many important meetings to discuss ways to bring the Vietnamese revolution to final victory. From Thai Nguyen City, provincial capital of Thai Nguyen province, you drive along Highway 3 to the towns of Bac Can and Phu Thong.

Way 2 : We can drive to a motorbike inside the bus local to Cao Bang(300,000 VND) or rent a motorbike in Cao Bang(200,000 VND/1 day). You paid a fuel (100,000 VND/ around trip) and hotel and ticket a boat station

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