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Hi, my name is Nguyen Duc Dien. I live in downtown Ha Noi, 30 mins away from the Old Quarter. My passions are travel and people, so I started Recycle Tours to help you experience Vietnam like a local!

1. We practice and adhere strictly to ethical tourism standards.

2. We want you to see the real Vietnam.

3. We will help you travel in a local’s footsteps.

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Travel with friends

We will travel together as friends and do our best to keep costs low. We will help you experience street food, local transit and will help you meet wonderful people everywhere you go.

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Get off the beaten track

We help you discover Vietnam ina unique way. You can drive a motorbike through the mountains, sleep on the local bus with local people, or even cycle into the Vietnamese countryside, meeting, eating and greeting as you go.

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Experience the real Vietnam

Try out popular local dishes, learn and practise Tieng Viet (Vietnamese language) with locals, and above all,experience Vietnam liek a local! Give us a call, we’re always ready to help.

My customers often become good friends

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    Dien is a fantastic person. He immediately responded to my request and picked my up with his motorbike, even though he had to change his personal plans. He introduced me to his friends and we had a great time in the city centre. He helped me get around in Hanoi a lot! We had interesting conversations and laughed. His house is clean. Spending time with Dien is pure pleasure.”

    Recommends Dien

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    Was so glad to meet Dien! I wasn't hosted by him, but Dien kindly took me around Hanoi and places outside the city. I would like to say he's one of the most helpful people I've ever met. It's a big fun to go out somewhere in the evening and hang out with his numerous friends!!!”

    Thank you!

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    Thank you very much for your hospitality! we went the three of us on the motorbike, it was very fun! you showed us some beautiful places of Hanoi and helped solve our case) introduced us to interesting people and often were treated to extraordinary food! we really had fun, fell in love with Hanoi!”

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Can you organise custom tours?

We will gladly create custom tours to best suit your needs. We will try our best to accommodate any travel needs you may have.

Why are things cheaper?

We work directly with the local people of Vietnam. We don’t use any tour agencies or special arrangements that will drive the cost up. By cutting out the middle man that means you get to pay extremely low costs.

What’s different about Expat Local Tour?

Dien is the founder of Expat Local Tour. He started Expat Local when he realised he loved introducing traveller’s to the Vietnamese culture. He left his job working as a chemical engineer to pursue his passion for travel. Dien truly enjoys doing what he does. He believes the best way to experience Vietnam is get to know the locals personally. This is what he does best-combining locals with expats.


Expat Local.